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Embedded Software Developer

Ansøgningsfristens er udløbet for dette job.
This job has been Expired
  • Dato: februar 13, 2021

In this position, you will be working with a system with several limiting factors – still with the objective to perform well. You will have the opportunity to develop the next generation of hearing aids in a company dedicated to increasing the quality of life for people with hearing loss through unique sound quality.

You will be working on development projects, from specifying the features for the new chip to writing the code. Furthermore, you will be responsible for creating efficient software that is optimized for speed, power consumption and memory.

In this role you will have the following responsibilities:
• Define the specifications together with your colleagues, document, implement and test the solution.
• Take part in an academic environment where WS’ focus on quality and end user experience.
• Develop software in C/C++/Python.
• Contribute to WS’ high-­quality deliveries through code review, unit tests and Continuous Integration.
• You are educated within electronics-­ or IT engineering or similar
• You are experienced within C++/Python and real-­time embedded programming.
• You have thorough experience in communicating with hardware
• You have a thorough understanding and experience with multithreaded programming
• You have experience with debugging real-­time systems that have very few resources

Candidate Profile
You have a good and structured approach to well-­founded software development.

You want to be a key player in developing WS Audiology’s future embedded platform, which is a complex system that involves hardware, embedded software, application software and mobile apps.

Performance and personal competencies
• Comfortable with handling multiple tasks simultaneously
• Work independently and have excellent problem-­solving skills
• Excellent interpersonal, networking and coordination skills
• Fluent in English both verbally and in writing
• You hold a valid Danish residence and work permit

About WS Audiology A/S
WS Audiology was formed in 2019 through the partnership of Singapore-­headquartered Sivantos and Lynge / Denmark-­based Widex. Two pioneers joining forces with one clear
ambition: to expand hearing care for the millions of people with hearing needs.

Together, they can look back on a proud history of nearly 170 years of leading global innovation in the hearing aid industry. Today, the company employs more than 10,000
people worldwide, is active in more than 125 markets and generates more than 1.7 billion euros in revenue annually.

WS Audiology has one of the preeminent research and development teams in the industry, with more than 800 specialists. The R&D budget of more than 100 million euros per year
drives innovation across a wide range of hearing needs, from technologically advanced hearing aids to best-­in-­class hearing care services.

WS Audiology are driven by a passion to improve the quality of life for people with hearing needs and redefine the landscape of the hearing aid industry. With their core brands
Signia, Widex, and brands like A&M, AMG, audibene, Audio Service, Bloom, Coselgi, HearUSA, Rexton, TruHearing, and Widex Retail, WS Audiology addresses the needs of millions of people with hearing requirements.

If you have any questions about the position or WS Audiology, please get in touch with Birgitte Garde on bgv@viga-­it.dk or +45 2818 1891